Information in the public domain as to what is best to feed yourself and your baby/child can be confusing.  The internet, the older generation, health professionals, friends – it can be conflicting and all quite overwhelming. 
Reliable, scientific and up to date information in a relaxed way can be brought to you and a group of friends or other mums in the comfort of your home on a number of different topics.  If you are looking for a particular topic which is not listed below, please contact Emily to discuss your requirements.
Pre and post natal diets for mums
  • Diet during pregnancy and afterwards
  • Foods to avoid
  • Weight gain in preganancy
  • Weight loss following after birth
  • Diet for breastfeeding
  • Vitamins
  • When to start – when is my baby ready?

  • Baby led weaning versus traditional purees

  • Milk feeds – how many, when to reduce etc

  • Foods to avoid

  • When to introduce allergenic foods

  • Texture progression

  • Good feeding habits

  • Vitamins

School aged children

Fees for workshops

£35 per person based on a minimum of 5 persons

For bookings:

Tel: 07846908267

Clinic Times
Monday - Wednesday
Thursday Evenings, Saturday Mornings

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