About Dietitians

Dietitians can help address many health issues and below are listed just some of these:


  • You need advice on breastfeeding and infant feeding

  • You are concerned your child is underweight, has fallen centiles on their growth chart or is not growing as you would expect

  • Your child have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition e.g. coeliac disease,diabetes, cystic fibrosis

  • You would like to help your child lose weight safely

  • You child is a fussy eater

  • Your child has food allergies or intolerances

  • Your child has an unsafe swallows which require texture modified diets or artificial feeding as a result

  • Those requiring oral, enteral or parental nutrition support

  • Your child has a medical condition meaning they have special nutritional requirements

  • You are concerned you child might have disordered eating

Source: British Dietetic Association

Dietitian vs Nutritionist vs Nutritional Therapist
Dietitians are uniquely trained professionals in the field of nutrition.  They treat both healthy and sick people and can work in hospitals, the community as well as the private sector.
They are the only nutrition professionals regulated by law and who governed by code of conduct to work to the highest standard using the latest scientific research.  For further information and to know the difference between a dietitian, nutritionist and nutritional therapist, click the link below.



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